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Currently on display - Photographs by Tony Othen courtesy of The Greenwich Gallery.

Tony Othen's photographic career spans more than 50 years and on show at the Rivington are images from both ends of that period.
In Black and White, shot in the early 60s, are images that were commissioned by a charity that sought to encourage volunteers to help in the community.In colour are images taken recently in an attempt to explore some rather more abstract themes.

  • Rivi G Outside
  • Goosebery Crumble
  • Rivi_G_terrace
  • Steak w/ berlaise
  • Scallop ceviche
  • IMG_1285
  • IMG_1837
  • Seabass
  • IMG_1843
  • IMG_1859
  • Rivi Rabbit Salad 2
  • Rivi Scallops 2
  • Rivi Honeycomb icecr